Make Money With Your Mark

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Can having a federally registered trademark make you money? Yes. Here are three ways.

(1) Sell It! 

Our firm has been apart of mark transaction with businesses that are generating very little income, and those marks can still sell for tens of thousands of dollars. That's right "tens" with an "s." If your mark has been in the marketplace and gained any traction it may be worth something to either your competition or an up and comer in the industry. Check out this site which sells brands for sale.

(2) License It! 

The phrase, “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” has made well over $400 million in licensing revenue according to ABC. And there are many other companies, brands, and small businesses that make money from trademarks. Now with the advent of the internet, it has made it easier than ever to market your trademarks in order to make money from them. You may not earn you millions, but with the right information and effort, you too can legally protect and market your trademarks in order to make money.

(3) Legal Damages

Yes, one way to see a return on your investment is by filing suit against an infringing party. If you are successful on your claims the damages can be enormous. See this win by a small company against Uhaul to the tune of 40 million dollars. 


The foundation for the above is two-fold: first, that you have a mark in commerce that you are using and creating an association between your mark and the great products or services you offer, and second, that you have a federally registered mark. If you don't have your mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we will give you a free consultation on whether or not you have a protectable mark. Simply, click here. 

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